july 26, 2022:

i needed to get somewhere & was waiting on my dad to drive me there, only he was schmoozing around at this neighborhood party (which is quite unlike him). finally i got him to drive me, but instead of the place i had to be, he dropped me off at the mall. the mall was all outdoors and right next to a governmental type building. i questioned why i was here and not at [place i had to be], but he didn't say anything and drove off. i met some of my friends at the mall by coincidence and we hung out. i kept calling my dad asking for him to drive me to the right place, but he didn't seem to know what i was talking about. i asked him questions about things he should have definitely known, but he couldn't answer. at the mall, two women were following my friends and i very obviously. it was creepy, so i pushed one of them away and she fell down the stairs (this was on a kind of balcony/bridge on the second floor). we ran to hide in the bathroom, and then i started getting calls from someone named "walter m. dickson". my dad wasn't picking up.

july 14, 2022:

i met this very nice girl and we were hanging out, we walked down [REDACTED] boulevard which is a kinda sketchy place near where i live except in this dream it was quite nice and clean. we were trying to get to this enclosed indoor park. once we got there, we tried to find somewhere to sit - although the park seemed relatively empty once we entered, everywhere we tried to go, people would materialize seemingly out of nowhere to sit near us. we got fed up with this strange pantomime and retreated to her house, where she played records. i came very close to telling her i had feelings for her, but was interrupted with a swift transition to another dream. now i was at a fancy school where i made friends with another girl who had a reputation for being trouble. some disaster (can't recall what) befell our school and i went home with her. she had peanut butter cookies. i tried to get her number, but right before she could tell me the dream switched again. now she (girl with peanut butter cookies) and i were on a boat. she kept walking towards the front end of the boat, basically walking off of it, except the front of the boat kept extending out into the sea so that it looked like an absurd, badly-proportioned limo. then an ancient all-powerful sea god rose up from the ocean.

june 28, 2022:

i was in a train station with many doors, all of which were portals to other places. i was some sort of interdimensional spy and i needed to get from point A to point B in this place, but i ended up getting impaled (?!). however that did not seem to faze me and i snuck into an elevator portal to Belgium.

june 17, 2022:

at my grandma's old house, which had an air of mustiness to it all that was even more prominent than real life. i don't remember what happened but I ate blueberry waffles. could have been worse.

june 16, 2022:

i have no idea how i'm formatting this -_- *cries* i don't remember last night's dream very well - i don't remember most of my dreams very well, which is why i'm trying to note them down in the hope that it'll help my memory. it's an experiment~ !! i know i was in this dark, spooky house and there was someone else there who wanted to kill me. a hide and seek sort of ordeal. he was some sort of ancient wizard, but i struck first and dumped his body in the neighbor's backyard with the help of someone else i met along the way. from there, i went back into the house with the intention of finding his daughter, who my newfound companion warned me was even more dangerous and had even more beef with me (yeah, i would too!). i don't know what happened after that, probably nothing good.